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  • We are absolutely delighted - you have done a brilliant job - and special mention to the director and McMuffin provider i think.

    Jayne Masters
    Miniclipper Logistics

  • All the people who matter (and i trust) love it (and genuinely so) so that is great.

    I think you guys have done such a great job. I think we may be back in the new year to do some artwork for our Brazil business.

    Nick Head

  • I have been working with Rapport for a number of years and they have always offered excellent service and support for the projects I have been working on. Rapports ability to adapt and interpret briefs has enabled LINAK to develop our marketing effort in line with our global corporate identity.

    Louise Eales - Marketing Manager
    LINAK UK Ltd

  • Rapport have worked on several of my recent projects to design new corporate brands for clients which have been implemented onto websites and marketing material. Every time the Rapport team have interpreted the brief and consistently delivered vibrant, creative, and refreshing visuals that have surpassed the client's expectations. Their design flair is a cut above!

    Amanda Cruxton-Chance
    Flourish Business Development

  • I have used the services of Rapport for several client projects. Responsive, professional and great to work with, their ability to understand and interpret a brief is second to none. Their designs are fresh, innovative and original - simply creative in fact. I am always confident to put them in front of my clients.

    Pete Harrison
    The Business Catalyst

  • Rapport has been a team who have consistently produced professional designs on a variety of projects for the Trust, all the while going the extra mile to satisfy the demands of the briefs given them.

    Vera Brown
    Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

  • For several years now, Rapport have helped us to continually improve our market position through a complete package of rebranding, including web design, adverts and much more. Their attention to detail never fails to satisfy, I would recommend their services to any and all.

    Phil Bridge
    Red Forge

  • We were referred to Rapport Design and have been delighted by the results of their work. They have show themselves to be both creative and professional in their approach and given their brief, they performed the required tasks way beyond expectation.

    Craig Riches

  • Cardiff City FC have worked with Rapport for many years and they have delivered creative and technical solutions for our e-commerce website and printed materials. They react quickly when we need technical support and deliver on time when deadlines are demanding

    Helen Jackson
    Cardiff City FC

  • We were complete novices in the world of website design but Rapport guided us though the process by offering help, assistance and expertise throughout and made the exercise far less daunting than we had feared. The whole experience was stress and hassle free and the end result was fabulous!

    Kate Taylor
    Hall Reynolds

  • Euroway have worked with Rapport on various projects over a number of years, the most recent being the redevelopment of our current website. Rapport have always had a good understanding of our business and we hope to continue our successful relationship for many years to come

    Jackie Bryce
    Euroway Group

  • Rapport are an excellent company to deal with, very responsive with a quick turnaround. The grasp of the brief is second to none and the work is produced to very exacting standards. They have become an integral part of our Marketing strategy.

    Graham Payne

  • We are very pleased with the business relationship we share with Rapport. We have found their service to be dependable, friendly and open over the years. Their attention to detail and willingness to listen to our needs is extremely important to our company.

    Lucia Prroni
    Marketing Services Manager, Dawsongroup PLC

  • We have been working with Rapport for over 10 years on numerous projects and during that time they have always been great fun to work with and they have a 'can do' attitude, even when deadlines are very tight. They can be relied upon to produce fresh and innovative design for all of our needs be it website design, brochures, bannners, signage, e-brochures and e-shots.

    Will Henry
    Common View Marketing Limited

  • Creative, Quirky & Quantifiable - we wouldn't work with anyone else.

    Fiona Pink
    Pink's Organics

  • Responsive, creative and great value.

    Simon Hill
    Managing Director, Silver Reef St. Kitts

  • As a freelance marketer I have clients in a variety of industries with diverse cultures and requirements. Since developing my own company's brand identity nearly ten years ago, Rapport has delivered several websites and brand identities for me, in addition to a host of digital and printed marketing materials. Each project brief has been met exceptionally well and I will have no hesitation when introducing Rapport as my preferred designers to future customers.

    Philippa Neilson
    Squash Limited

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Adobe Settings Manager for LSOs using Flash Player

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Microsoft Settings Manager for LSOs using Silverlight

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Add-on extensions have also have been created by the Firefox Web browser (Click&Clean, Objection, BetterPrivacy).

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